Drunk at 2:51 AM and ain’t no one here to stop me

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Poetry

this temptress of a keyboard says “sell me your secrets”
but i got more than i can hold in one bag
and the hags in the corner say whatcha gonna order
when the bastards in your life order something that’s more
than what you’re able to contain
and you sings a sweet hauntin refrain that echoes
and changes above dripping chains filled with lullabies that
say goodbye and give you pie when you’re down and dry
from a safer place, from some chosen lace,
a low down dirty town sown scoundrel ready to poundrel
your thoughts into gross indignant disgrace that will follow
you from an ant’s death to the grave,
and just when you’ve saved your last bowl of beef and noodles
little will you know what oodles through the cracks
and the crevices and all sorts of services of the life
YOU lived and learned and sobered up from, you
sunofabitch that never deserved any forgiveness from


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