Tuesday Afternoon

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I flickered in and
out of existence for
three hours this afternoon,
stopping and starting in my sleep,
drifting back and forth restless
in my dreams. I dreamed of a
great lake filled with chunks of
ice floes floating white across
a calm glass surface.
I tried to jump in the water and broke
the surface, shattered it into great
green stabbing shards slicing
my legs and I pedaled desperately
for some sort of purchase
on a liquid, but
there was none. I then
gave up, accepting the pain
and sinking, flipping straight onto
my back, and I bumped gently
into a floe. The ice turned
crimson as I scrabbled
onto it, breathing hard, waking up.
I searched frantic for
the clock; there was an hour
before class began.


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