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Posted: April 11, 2011 in Anger, Dark, Life, Musings, Rant, Slam, Thoughts, Ugly

Don’t you dare fucking think
for a moment that I’ll take
self-pity street! I drink
criticism straight, no chaser; fake
ME out, you say? You can try and fail,
overly polite disrespecting sonofabitch!
I’m resplendent with skill to nail
words deep into your brain, invisible itch!
Ain’t no reason I should be rejected thrice,
you hardly even know me! Your unfeelin’
collection of faceless masks ice
cold left your souls reelin’
deep in a snowfall that left you numb
to the plainest spoken word.
Now nurse your broken jaw makin’ you dumb,
maybe you should’ve taken a second or third
look at the letters so carelessly tossed aside,
makin’ a nice guy turn mean!
I’m a reject and it hurts my pride deep inside
that place kept clean
by creative construction that let me function
day to day with my failures adorned on my chest
as body armor for the fools hidin’ at every junction!
I accept I ain’t perfect but as for all the rest
you’re damn morons unable to see my vision!
And it won’t be long again before the pen hits paper
and again my faithful words will be arisen,
I’ll turn your fill-in-the-blank letter to vapor!
Don’t! for my own fucking sake
be the snake takin’ words out of my throat
before I can make a debut and slake
my thirst for written word, you can quote
me on it! And I say this for every time
I look on and smile at the red-pen pretender gods
making slashes through masterpieces sublime
when they never had the time to see through the facade
that they think is all bad but it ain’t, I know it’s good,
and I don’t give a FUCK if it ain’t understood!



Posted: July 15, 2008 in City, Electric, Humor, Life, Musings, Rant, Slam, Snippet, Urban

I remember the first time
I met you, with crazy ragged hair
And bloodshot blue eyes
Concealed behind dirty lenses
I can’t recall all you said
Those two, three years ago
But it made me laugh my ass off
Your outlandish tales of sex and drugs met
With my doubtful acceptance
I met you your senior year, and for
A long while after, you fell off
Of the radar, only reestablishing
Contact at the most random of times
Eager to entertain, you would launch into a
Monologue that always began with
“Dude, you won’t believe the
Shit that happened last night.”
But believe I did, no matter
The premise, no matter how full of shit
You might have been
I remember these tales of everything
That happened “last night”
I remember the iconic bat story,
Where you wandered, stoned, through tunnels
Beneath the streets, and encountered a
Swarm of bats, one of which nestled on your
Back for three or four hours before
You finally found out about it
I remember the time you combined
A few hits of Salvia with a five-hour energy drink
And took a “spirit walk” through Ojai’s
Streets as Bo Diddley spoke
To you with his songs
I remember the time you
Were walking through the mall
With a bag of candy from the Sweet Factory
You saw this asshole pushing his
Girlfriend around close to the edge
Of a balcony high above the first floor
And you beat the shit out of
That motherfucker with assorted
Jelly beans and licorice and Skittles
In a brilliant display before
Mall security was hot on your tail
Over these last two, three years you’ve been
A friend, a jokester, a partner in crime, a juxtaposition
To my boring self
But most of all you have been
A randomly occurring constant,
A stable variable,
A guy that can discuss film and literature and
Seriously contemplate the moral issues raised in Grand Theft Auto
And I never can wait for your crazy eyes
To see something new and tell me
“Dude, you won’t believe the
Shit that happened last night.”

You have no idea how long I have waited for this epic slice of the videogame experience. I mean, I caught sight of this treasure a while ago when it was first announced, and it has been stuck in my mind’s eye since that time. Not only does it have blood gushing goodness with swordplay and that amazing hidden dagger, or the innovative story, it has a truly astounding mode of travel: free running. Free running has always been a source of fascination to me, and has often seemed like a perfect mode of travel in a big city.I envy those artists that can pull it off and I can’t wait for the experience to come to me, albeit virtually, this Thursday. (Sadly, the game was released today, yet Amazon must
be a bitch and simply SHIP it today, rather than having it on my doorstep at the crack of dawn.)

*Update: Let it be known that Amazon won’t have Assassin’s Creed in stock until Friday, therefore forcing me to switch sellers and have it by the end of the week at best. (Who said I had any patience? : P )