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Any original fiction and ranting posted upon this blog by Scriken is the intellectual property of Luke Cromwell. Any attempt to steal said original fiction will result in the slow and painful death of your hard drive. Not kidding. I know people.harddrive-copy.jpg

  1. wordsdance says:

    Hello =)

    First, let me say I appreciate your writing. In particular, I enjoyed a piece you entered at another website ( You were writing about whitewash, not sleeping etc.

    Myself and a friend run a writing contest on a website for virtual chatting. The website is Our page is This is where you can read all about our contest and the past entries.

    In one of our more recent challenges we asked the participants to write using six colors. A version of your piece was submitted. We also happened to have found it in a different location by yet another person. If you email us at we will be happy to give you the site, username and email of the other person who claimed this was their writing as well.

    If it was you who entered our contest please let us know it is you. If you did not enter our contest and you feel someone has plagiarized your work, please let us know this immediately as well. We do not wish to support plagiarism in any manner. We wish to support, encourage and appreciate authentic writing.

    Contest aside, please do continue to write! =)

    We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you!


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